Save for things you want and need

Safe, convenient, and easy

  • Buy what you want

    Buy what you want

    Buy whatever you want from any of our merchant partners - mobile phones, clothing, furniture, it's up to you. Spend your savings your way.

  • Convenient and Easy

    Convenient and Easy

    Make deposits at any Bluelight partner agent. With a large and growing agent network, you can deposit from almost anywhere.

  • Safe and Secure

    Safe and Secure

    Rest easy knowing that your savings are secure and that you don't need to worry about it being lost or stolen. Your money's security is our primary concern.

  • Reach your goals

    Reach your goals

    Take control of your finances. Reach your goals faster and more easily with our layaway-based savings model.

  • Earn bonuses, with no fees

    Earn bonuses, with no fees

    Earn bonuses on the money you've saved and pay no account fees, period. You can save for free and get the most value for your money.

  • Avoid expensive debt

    Avoid expensive debt

    Paying interest is the fastest way to put you and your family into a difficult financial situation. Stop purchasing on credit and break the debt cycle - use Bluelight.

 So how does this all work?


Open an account at your local Bluelight microfinance partner

Bluelight is partnered with numerous microfinance institutions throughout Jordan.  Want to open a Bluelight account?  Just head over to your local Ahli Microfinance branch start a new account today!

Remember, anybody can open a Bluelight account, even if they aren’t a microfinance customer.





Deposit from almost anywhere, and earn bonuses as you save

With Bluelight you can make deposits from virtually anywhere.  Our network of participating microfinance branches, agents, and stores can instantly upload your deposit to your online account, so you can save whenever you feel the urge to.

Save your money towards a savings goal and once you reach it, we will add a  bonus to your account.  What’s nicer than free money?




Buy the things you want and need

The money you save is yours to spend on whatever you’d like at any of our partner merchant stores: mobile phone, laptop, clothes, furniture, groceries – it’s up to you.

At Bluelight, we don’t limit you to spend on certain items or for certain purposes (such as “business-related expenses”).  Spend your savings on whatever you’d like at any of our partner merchant stores.






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Keep on saving

With Bluelight, once you reach your goal you can just keep saving towards your next milestone.  Don’t stop saving now that you’ve started – keep going and earn more bonuses.  The sky’s the limit!